About us:
I’m a biker and I’m in love with motorbikes.
My world revolves around motorbikes and looking for items related to motorbikes.
I realized that there is very little choice, so I decided to start my own business, combining my passion with the lack of products available.

What we do:
Our main product is the creation of a replica of yourself on your own bike,
(your current bike, your first bike, your dream bike),
but we also have a wide variety of products related to motorcycles.

How it works?

First step, e-mail or contact us through our facebook page,
stating which bike you want your ‘Little Biker’ to be based upon, (make, model, cc, colour).
Once we have these details, we will know if it will be possible to do the work or not.
the replicas are availble.

Second step will be to provide as many photos as possible on the desired equipment so
that we can add all the details in the character, this will make the model unique and personalized to you.
(Pictures of the helmet, gloves, boots, clothes,eye colour,number plate or text and names of the people/person to be modelled… and anything else you think relevant.

Last step, before the clay goes into the oven, we will be send several photos for you to approve the final work.
Note that the clay is still not cooked,more details will be added once it is and of course the clay shrinks.
The model will appear slightly large at this stage.


This is a hand made work, a custom work which is exclusively done for you, therefore we ask for an initial payment of 15% .

It will take around one to two weeks to be completed, please take that be patient.

For the motorbikes we use replicas 1:12, (approx 17cm long), but of course not all models are available in 1:12,
so the next option will be 1:18 (approx. 12cm long).

For the character and support we use professional Fimo clay.

In case of any doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us
by mail anna_mi@thebikerchick.com
or on our facebook page: The Biker Chick

Please read the information below:

the Personalised Mugs and fridge magnets please allow 5 days for processing plus shipping time.

The Personalised Motorcycles Replicas please allow 10 days for processing plus shipping time.

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