By - Anne Mi

☆ Kawasaki ZX9R (Couple)

Ordered as a Christmas gift for his parents.

First step, find the bike online, this one came from america 🙂

Second step, send us pictures of the gear, helmet, gloves, boots… anything that we can use for a unique and personalized work: (he sent more pictures, these are just exemples…)

Next step is too wait… it’s a hand made work, it will take around 5 to 6 days to be completed. Before the clay goes into the oven, we will send several photos for you to approve the final work. Note that the clay is still not cooked ,more details will be added and of course the clay shrinks. The model will appear slightly large at this stage.

Final work:

For more information how to order: https://littlebiker.co.uk/info-contact/

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