By - Anne Mi

Biker AfterShave

We have two differente AfterShave models available: Sport Model: Chasing the Windfragrance for men, 50/30 ml Great new fragrances for racing bike riders. Discover *Chasing the Wind* in the Silverstone Grand Prix Set by Jean-Pierre Sand. A gift set that reflects the special pleasure of racing on two wheels. The gift pack contains an after shave bottle in the form

By - Anne Mi

☆ Kawasaki ZX9R (Couple)

Ordered as a Christmas gift for his parents. First step, find the bike online, this one came from america 🙂 Second step, send us pictures of the gear, helmet, gloves, boots… anything that we can use for a unique and personalized work: (he sent more pictures, these are just exemples…) Next step is too wait… it’s a hand made work,